Survival Uses For Floss: 15 Shocking & Simple Uses To Know Now

Survival Uses For Floss: 15 Shocking & Simple Uses To Know Now


15 Shocking Survival Uses For Floss

The amount of survival uses for floss with astonish you because of the amount of things it can do.

A thread of floss can be used for many things such as a shoelace, food slicer, and even a stitching string.

Floss should be something everyone has, because it is always good practice to stay as hygienic as possible. Floss is great for flossing, and many more things.

Without further ado, let’s go over the 15 survival uses for floss.

1. Cleaning Small Areas

survival uses for floss cleaning small area

As the first of our survival uses for floss, we have cleaning small areas, and for a good reason.

Dental floss was designed to clean small areas, in between teeth, but it is also great at cleaning other small area. Perhaps you may want to clean your keyboard or a crack in the table, or even in between tiles.

This is to ensure that your house stays extra clean.

2. Sewing/Stitching String

If you happen to have floss when someone gets a nasty cut, you can use dental floss as the string. Or perhaps you need to do sewing. 

The dental floss is subtle enough not to be noticed if you don’t use that much and it is strong, so it is great at holding buttons together, temporarily fixing a bag strap, or mending a tent. 

In a pinch this can also be used as a stitching string.

3. Fishing Line

Fishing String is one of the best alternatives for a fishing line. Dental floss is very strong and durable, so the chances it will break is low.

The average length of a regular floss pack is also about 420 ft(140 yd), so length definitely won’t be a problem. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above me and watch the man catch his second fish in 10 seconds.

4. Slicing Food

survival uses for floss slicing food

If you have cake, bread or any soft food , you can use a piece of floss to give neat slices. However, you may want to use flavorless floss, unless you want an mix with your floss flavor and the food’s flavor.

5. Crafts

survival uses for floss crafts

Perhaps you need something to do with your kids, well, you can make all sorts of crafts with them. Or perhaps you broke your necklace or bracelet.

If you want to make crafts with your kids, you can make jewelry with cheap beads and floss, or perhaps some sort of structure, or even something really simple, like hanging a picture, or hanging ornaments. 

If you break a bracelet or necklace, you can use dental floss to hold the string together as well.

6. Tripwire

Another one of the survival uses for a floss is if you want space, and you don’t want someone to enter your location(room, camping ground, etc), simply tie a few lines of floss on both ends of a door or tree and that will serve for a perfect defense, or even a dirty prank.

7. Fix Dripping Tap

You may have a dripping tap that won’t stop, of course this is a temporary solution, and you should consult a professional about your tap.

This will make the dripping sound, vanish. All you have to do is tie a piece of string it around. The water will travel through the string and right into the drain.

8. Clothesline

survival uses for floss clothesline

If you’re on a camping trip and you brought floss, which you should anyway, and you get some clothes wet, you can use floss as a clothes line.

Simply ties the floss between two trees, and your clothes with be dry in no time.

9. Secure Hair & Clothes

Getting your clothes, or hair stuck in something is a pain. That’s why, if you have long hair, or baggy clothes, this is for you. Simply tie back your hair with a floss and you can also tie back your clothes with a thread of floss.

10. Object Lifter

Got something glued that you want remove, or perhaps you are a cooker, and you are cooking something sticky, chances are, there will be something that gets stuck.

The string can extract the object easily by sliding the string under, leaving a clean tray, album, or whatever seemingly untouched.

11. Last Resort Shoelace

If you break your shoelace, or lose it somehow, this is definitely an alternative to a shoelace you should consider.

Floss can be seemingly invisible, and will act as a great replacement for shoelaces.

12. Restraint

If your pet’s cage broke, or maybe you need to tie up someone, floss is still good. It your pet’s cage broke, a temporary solution could be to restrain the cage by tying a few lines of floss around it to prevent escape.

If you need to tie up someone for some reason, a couple lines of floss is a very secure option.

13. Tie Something Down

survival uses for floss tie something down

This is another form of restraining. Perhaps you have to tie a tent or tarp down. Dental floss will be a great solution. You can also tie down sticks together if you are building a shelter in the wilderness.

14. Alarm

Back to the trip wires, if someone were to miss that trip wire, you can also set up and alarm. Simply tie a couple aluminum cans and lids across your location, whether it may be a campground or a room.

15. Hanging Pots Outdoor

If you want your plants to receive a little extra sun, but don’t want hungry animals and insects disturbing your plants, hanging them is an excellent option. 


If you don’t yet have floss, you can get a 600 feet (200 yards) pack for $4 on this affiliate link.

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something useful and apply one of these tips soon! If you liked this article you will probably like survival uses for paperclips. If you are interested in floss itself, you can read more here. If you enjoyed this content, consider following our new social media accounts!

Updated: 8/19/2020

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