Knife vs. Hatchet | Which is Best For You?

Knife vs. Hatchet | Which is Best For You?

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Knife vs. Hatchet | Which Do You Choose?

Both knives and hatchets have their survival purposes. 

Although it is usually better to carry both when camping or hunting, you may have a weight constraint, or maybe you want only the most necessary things inside your bag.

In order to see which one is better, we will see whether the knife or hatchet will perform better in different survival situations.

Knife vs. Hatchet: Minor Woodwork

Minor woodwork includes carving wood into specific shapes or notching it. This can be used to make certain weapons like a bow, or help build shelters by carving out joints. 

A knife would provide a safer base for intricate carving.

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Knife

Knife vs. Hatchet: Major Woodwork

knife vs. hatchet major woodwork

Significant woodwork includes cutting down trees and chopping firewood. Hatchets win by a long shot because no matter how beefy a knife you have, it is extremely hard to cut down even the smallest sapling. 

However, with a hatchet, you can leverage its weight and larger blade to cut wood fast. 

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Hatchet

Knife vs. Hatchet: Skinning and Cleaning

knife vs. hatchet skinning and cleaning

Skinning animals requires precision, and knives are usually small and precise. However, jobs like quartering, cutting through ribs and cutting off the head requires something larger, that’s where the hatchet comes in. Both the knife and hatchet play a vital role in for skinning and cleaning

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Tie

Skinning: Knife

Cleaning: Hatchet

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Knife vs. Hatchet: Self-Defense

This is really a tough one because it depends if you want convenience or pure defense for your home and wild animals. 

For convenience, the knife wins, because carrying a hatchet around to grocery stores is not a good idea. For pure self-defense, the hatchet wins because it has a more extended reach, more power, and it can be used as a hook.

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Tie

Convenience: Knife

Pure Self-defense: Hatchet

Knife vs. Hatchet: Hammering

knife vs. hatchet hammering

Hammering is necessary for driving stakes into the ground for shelter or softening food. Hatchets are more massive and will definitely get the job done.

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Hatchet

Knife vs. Hatchet: Starting Fires

knife vs. hatchet fire starting

Fire starting is a huge part of survival. Fire starting requires wood shaving and striking a fire starter. It would help if you had a small tool for that; therefore, a knife is an obvious victor.

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Knife

Knife vs. Hatchet: Cutting and First Aid

Cutting may be necessary because you may have to cut holes in clothes, cutting bandages, piercing blisters, and cutting rope. 

Many of these chores would work better with a small tool. Therefore, the knife is the victor here.

Winner for Knife vs. Hatchet: Knife


Knife vs. hatchet, which of those won? I do not know your exact situation. Therefore, you will have to judge both of these options for yourself.

The knife and hatchet have their purposes, and they are both vital for survival. However, if you want my opinion, a light-weighted, multi-purpose tool would work much better than a hatchet for me.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Updated: 9/2/2020

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