Is It Worth It To Own a Gun?

Is It Worth It To Own a Gun?

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UPDATED on June 25, 2020

Is It Worth It To Own a Gun?

Is it worth it to own a gun? This question has been wondered by many, and in this article, I hope you fill you up on the opposing side of owning guns.

For a long time, people have despised guns and supported guns. I promise to keep as factual as humanly possible to avoid too much controversy.

Let’s start with a personal reference. I have trained with a gun multiple times in the Marine Corps. We used standard-issue rifles and pistols. I also have a black belt in Krav Maga. 

is it worth it to own a gun

You Will Only Use a Gun 0.00002% of the Time you Own it on Average!

Most of the time, if you have a gun, it is in a safe, secure location that you probably won’t get a hold of if you were attacked. Even if you do have a gun on you at all times, some problems may occur as a result of that. 

You could have lost pieces or unwanted people getting into your weapon. Although generally, it isn’t easy for parts to go missing, children always want to explore.

Weapons are Hard to Use.

is it worth it to own a gun

A gun, like most weapons, have to be adequately maintained. So, whatever gun you choose to use, you must research how to strip, clean, inspect, lubricate, and reassemble properly. 

You also need special training to take care of a gun properly. What you commonly have to do with rifles is disassemble and clean your bolt and inspecting your firing pin.

You have to get everything just right for it to work, and if you don’t, the weapon might not work, or hurt you, as the criminal laughs at you.

Aiming Isn't Easy!

is it worth it to own a gun

In every action movie, you see a gun, and you think you know how to shoot it, right? Wrong, you don’t. It is complicated to fire at the target you’re aiming at and the place on that target.

Every gun’s weapon sight is different; what you actually have to do is focus on the weapon sight, not the target. This skill may take years to learn. 

Guns are More Dangerous than you Think!

is it worth it to own a gun

This is not as obvious as people might think.  You do have to factor in the relatively high probability your child or teen gets a hold of your gun.

 If you try to defend yourself with a gun, your opponent may be skilled enough to disarm you with ease, even at a long distance. 

Now, you have your own gun pointing at you. In this scenario, you could prevent it with a biometric lock, but they are expensive. 

Emergencies Don't Happen the Way you are Prepared for!

is it worth it to own a gun

Many people get hyped when someone tells a story of dangerous encounters with a burglar. Although this may not happen as frequently as you may think. 

Let’s say that person trespassing your house is a child, a gang of dangerous men, a person with a better gun. The person harming you is probably more prepared than you, let’s face it.

The point is, your gun is pretty lousy for preparation and safety. You don’t know who you are facing. A good security system is always better to invest in. It will scare away most opponents. 

Another thing to add, the police department will take care of any problems you have almost instantly, and is probably better at handling a criminal situation.

Carrying a Gun for Personal Self-Defense is Not the Best Idea

is it worth it to own a gun

The fact is, when you have a weapon in your pocket or purse, you are putting everyone around you in more danger. If the gun is in a purse or pocket, it probably isn’t holstered, and if it isn’t holstered, it is hazardous. 

Weapons also have a high chance of suddenly going off when continually being moved in a purse or pocket. Additionally, it takes longer than you think to get out your gun and shoot the bad guy.

If the Everything does Go Right, you Might Have to Kill Someone!

is it worth it to own a gun

Let’s say that a person is trying to rob you. The person is hazardous. If he or she genuinely wants you dead, you can use your gun.

There isn’t any shooting of the knife out of his or her hand scenario or shooting his or her leg. You would be lucky to shoot the person in the chest.

If you think about it, would you want to kill someone who is harming you? Your answer is probably “Hell yeah!” which is understandable because if you kill someone, you will have trauma your whole life, trust me.

Additionally, according to the Bureau of Justice statistics, you have a 65% chance of knowing your offender. So, would you really want to shoot your mother, father, cousin, neighbor, or friend?



The various solutions are simple, use a security system for your house, it makes you 300% safer! Usually, because it scares the burglars away. You can also have some handy Krav Maga moves, or a knife for street defense, trust me, those are better alternatives.


I hope you enjoyed this article! In this article, I showed you that owning a gun does cause an array of problems, and some of those problems have simple solutions! Please share this post to spread the word, and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the content!