How to Recharge Duracell Batteries Surprisingly Fast

how to recharge duracell batteries fast

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How to Recharge Duracell Batteries Surprisingly Fast

I recently learned a stunning fact. It is easy to charge Duracell batteries. In this guide I will teach you how to recharge Duracell batteries.

This method not only works on recharging Duracell, instead of a wide variety of batteries such as Energizer, Rayovac, EBL, Eneloop, and a lot more. In fact, this method works on all Alkaline batteries.

So, with these methods on how to recharge Alkaline batteries, I will promise that you won’t have to throw your dead batteries in the trash again. And most of all, you won’t have to go to the store to get overpriced batteries ever again.

So, why should you trust me? I have hands-on experience with electricity, and I always wanted to experiment around and find the most efficient ways to fix something. 

So, I found multiple methods, some of which are easy with a few tools, and some require a little purchase on your end if you just want a quick recharge. 

Cautionary & Tips

Before we get started, I want to give you a couple of cautionary and tips. This will ensure maximum safety and the best experience possible.

Only recharge, rechargeable batteries

how to recharge non-rechargeable batteries

So, how to recharge non-rechargeable batteries? You can’t; it can be dangerous and will most likely fry your charger and your batteries. It would be best if you only recharged rechargeable batteries.

How to identify if a battery is a dud?


The fastest way to tell if a battery is a dud is to do the bounce test. Drop the battery, on the flat negative side about 2-3 in (5-8 cm). If the battery is a dud, it will bounce and fall over immediately. If it is still alive, it will make a thud and most likely stay right-side up.

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1. The Store Bought Easy Way

how to recharge duracell batteries store bought
Partial Source:

The first method on how to recharge Duracell batteries is simple. If you are a more tech-savvy person, the second method is a more cost-effective but more time-consuming option. 

You have found a good selection of products that would fit your needs. Thankfully, you came to the right place! I already chose battery rechargers for you!

Of course, what you should do is get actual RECHARGEABLE batteries. This means batteries that clearly state rechargeable on them. You can get a pack on 16 of them over here on Amazon.

Why should you get rechargeable batteries? Because every single time you recharge batteries that don’t explicitly say they are rechargeable, you are at risk of battery leakage.

Now that you have gotten rechargeable batteries, all you need is a charger! I narrowed down a game-changing option for you. 

The MaximalPower FC999 Universal Rapid Charger for Alkaline, as seen on the right side of the picture above, is the fastest Duracell charger and for a reasonable price.

It uses an 8-bit microprocessor, advanced RISC architecture, an integrated converter, and multi-channel high-speed input/output ports to control the whole charging process in real-time, preventing overcharging and even leakage.

It also has short-circuited protection, so it is safe and effective.

2: Homemade Tech-Savvy Method

This second method on how to recharge Duracell batteries is a more advanced method.

Step 1: Find a power source

how to recharge duracell batteries homemade

It would be best for you to find an adapter plug from something you don’t care about. Usually, at 1.5 volts, you’re safe. There is a couple of phone chargers that work well such as the Nokia.

You probably don’t want a high electric current. Since high current charging leads to leaking batteries, try to find as low a current plug as possible. A good charger has only 65 milliamperes or so going through the battery.

Step 2: Take a step back

You’ll need something to put your charging batteries on because if it leaks, you probably won’t want to get battery acid on your floor or even on you. Something like a cardboard base to protect the floor, and then you should use something cylindric to hold the charging batteries. To connect the battery to the adapter, you should use alligator clip wires.

Step 3: Start Charging

how to recharge duracell batteries homemade

Remember, when charging, go plus and plus and negative and negative. Since charging is the opposite of draining, you should hook it up backward. Remember, plus on the transformer and the plus on battery, negative on the transformer and the battery’s negative.

It would be best if you used a small length of wire with a bent end to stick into the center hole; that way, you can clip wires to both the transformers.


I would like to note that this will save you money in the mid and long term. Now, if you have a pack of 8 to 16 batteries and one of the charging sources discussed above, you are set for life.

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Updated: 9/19/2020

How to Recharge Duracell Batteries Surprisingly Fast

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