How Long Does Canned Food Last? Find Out Now

How Long Does Canned Food Last? Find Out Now

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How Long Does Canned Food Last? Find Out Here

Canned food is a convenient source of food. Canned food is affordable, and depending on the food, easy to cook. They are a must-have if you are planning to fill up your pantry with non-perishable foods. So, exactly how long does canned food last?

In this brief article, I will cover all the information you need to know on how long canned food lasts.

Storing canned food.

According to the USDA, canned food can last forever if stored properly. This doesn’t mean it will taste the same, smell the same, or feel the same after a decade. However, that canned food should still be edible.

So, how do you properly store it? You ideally should store it in an area that is below 85° degrees Fahrenheit(29° Celcius), which is dry.

General rules of thumb.

You generally do not want to purchase any canned food that is bulging, leaking, rusted, or with a deep dent, because that will significantly reduce its shelf-life.

Certain food manufacturers do have “Best-By” and “Use-By” dated, which states how long it will take the food to change texture, smell, and taste; however, it still will be edible. 

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Categories of how long canned food can last.

If you really must know how long food can go before it may taste “off,” here are some general thresholds.

Low Acid Canned food

This includes canned meat, poultry, stews, pasta products, and soups(not tomato soup). This also covers potatoes, corn, carrots, spinach, beans, peas, and pumpkin. According to the USDA, low-acid canned food can last for 2 to 5 years and 3-4 days after opened, if stored in a refrigerator.

High Acid Canned Food

This includes juices, tomatoes, pickles, and fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, apples, peaches, plums, pears, all berries, and all foods with vinegar dressings. These will last 1-2 years on the shelf, and 5-7 days after opened, if stored in a refrigerator.


In conclusion, if you store canned food properly, it should be edible forever. However, if you want a general base-line, it’s 2-5 years for low acid foods and 1-2 years for high acid foods. Thank you for reading the entire article, and eat safely!

Updated: 7/27/2020

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