About Me

Joel Lim

Hello, welcome to Defiel, I am Joel Lim, and I am the proud founder of Defiel. I am a family man, and I like discussing everything related to survival, security, and self-defense, so naturally, I started a blog to talk about it.

I live in the United States, but I have friends from all over the world. I enjoy reading survival books, and I like testing out different products, recipes, and tools. I started this blog not only because I have studied survival, security, and self-defense for over ten years, but because I love the outdoors.

I also want information out there to inform, and not information just made to sell. got into survival, security, and self-defense around 2009. So I decided to pick up a few skills for fun, and soon enough, I had picked up so much information, some of my friends thought of me as an expert in this.

This blog is still new, and I plan to grow it with you all.