11 Simple Self-Defense Tips That Everyone Should Know

11 Simple Self-Defense Tips That Everyone Should Know

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11 Self-Defense Tips That are Actionable - 2020

In this article, I will cover 11 practical self-defense tips for you to use when the unthinkable happens and you’re faced with an attacker. Knowing the right moves at the right time is a good thing.

Without further ado, let’s jump into some of these self-defense tips. These self-defense tips are for women, seniors, men, and kids of all sorts.

Self-defense Tip 1: Preventing it is worth a try

Tell someone to back off in a powerful tone if you are suspicious of someone encroaching too much on you. This is a good way to prevent an attack.

To add on, you should also use powerful body language to communicate you aren’t scared. Using powerful body language could make the attacker go away because attackers usually want to pick on weak prey.

Self-defense Tip 2: Do the correct fist

self-defense tip 2

If you could not prevent the attack, you should at least know how to inflict massive damage to your attacker’s body. A good place to start with that is doing the correct fist.

Your fingers should be protected and your thumb shouldn’t be exposed(but not under your fingers)

Self-defense Tip 3: Know the vulnerable parts of the body

self-defense tip 3

You probably aren’t going to be as strong as your attacker, but you can still beat your attacker.

You have to rely on the element of surprise to pull off deadly blows to the weak parts of their body. It is important to aim accurately, but don’t analyze and aim for too long or else your opponent will notice your intentions and become even angrier.

The weak points of the body include the temples, ears, eyes, jaws, nose, throat, solar plexus, groin, knee and toes and many more.

Self-defense Tip 4: Don't do it if it is fatal

If your attacker has a dangerous weapon(gun, hatchet) and gets it out, or looks like he/ she is getting it out, then, your chances of survival, if you try to fight back, goes down.

You should not make a move unless you are very sure you can disarm your attacker. If you are attacked by a gang, you really don’t have a chance to overpower your attackers, so give them whatever they want, so you don’t get killed.

If your attackers still try to attack you after you have given them what they wanted, or your attacker’s intentions are to kill you, check up on these Krav Maga Articles for a better chance-  Krav Maga Guide and 8 Krav Maga Techniques.

Self-defense Tip 5: Focus on damage, not pain

You should not inflict pain, but instead, focus on damaging the weak points. The pain tolerance of your attacker can vary, so the best thing you can do is inflict damage.

Try to aim for targets you can see and reach with ease, instead of going for hype-difficult areas like the eyes.

Self-defense Tip 6: Bearhug and Punch Defense

self-defense tip 6

Bearhugs and punches are among the most popular attacks, so it is good to know how to defend against them.


The first thing to do is to make it hard for your opponent to hold you, so mimick a “fast squat” while your opponent is carrying you.

If that doesn’t get you out of the bearhug, then you want to swing your legs right and left, until your hands can reach your attacker’s groin and you can punch, or do a palm strike variant from there.


If you are dealing with a punch, a far more common move, you should try to redirect their punch with your hand to hit anywhere but your body.

However, if you are dealing with something similar to a hook punch, your best bet is to duck and cover your head.

Self-defense Tip 7: Neutralize the threat completely

Basically, you shouldn’t stop until they drop. You should keep on attacking the weak points continuously until your attacker cannot damage you in any way. One attack will not magically end the fight. Enjoying the content? Consider following our new social media accounts.

Self-defense Tip 8: Mental-defense is important

Typically, in a dangerous environment, you will get an adrenaline spike. With this spike in adrenaline, you will usually freeze, even if you know how to attack your attacker. 

This is taught of as overrated but is one of the main determiners to weather you will get attacked or be the one attacking. You can practice this by mimicking a high adrenaline scenario.

Self-defense Tip 9: Have a way to alert people

self-defense tip 9

Whether it is a personal alarm or a rape whistle, it is important to alert people around you. Once touch with the personal alarm and it sounds a loud alarm that may be enough to ward off attackers. Rape whistles have similar effects.

Self-defense Tip 10: Don't be afraid to invest in a minor weapon

I personally recommend minor weapons because if your attacker takes your weapon, then they could use it against you and you don’t want your attacker to have a gun or large knife.

There are many different types of weapons like the makeshift weapon, if you are in a street ally, perhaps there is a beer bottle or rock, or if you are in your car, perhaps your car keys.

There are also products that do a fantastic job of protecting yourself. There are pepper sprays, knife rings, and maybe even tasers if you want to be a little more lethal.

Self-defense Tip 11: Practice a lot

self-defense tip 11

Remember to practice putting yourself in high adrenaline scenarios.

Perhaps you want to learn some martial arts, you definitely have to practice that as well. Perhaps you have a minor weapon, you should practice using that weapon too.

Practice makes perfect.


I hope you put those simple self-defense tips in action if it is necessary.

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Updated: 9/27/2020

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